Looking Back to Plan Ahead: Gardening Tips for the New Season

The end of winter is just around the corner and if you haven’t started thinking about what you’re going to plant in your garden this spring, now’s the time to get a move on.

If you’re not sure what you want to do yet for the new season, take the time to sit back and look back on the pros and cons of the last growing season. Think about what grew well for you, what didn’t work, and what you would like to do differently once the ground thaws. Even if there’s still snow on the ground, sitting down and planning out your garden can help you get a head start for the year.

Our greenhouse assistant, Brain Lengel, suggests picking up a few seed catalogs and browsing for your newest spring projects. Not only will it help you decide on this season’s seeds and give you fresh ideas, but it may also assist in inspiring you to get out and garden more so your garden looks like the ones in the magazines.

Make sure you write down or sketch out all of your plans and ideas to start the visualization of your new garden. If you preserved some of your vegetables over the winter, check your stock to see what you did not use a lot of—this will keep you from over-planting and give you room to try out new seeds in your garden.

Regardless of your plans, start stretching out your green thumb now so it’s in shape for spring!