Pet Doors by Solar Innovations Inc.

At Solar Innovations, Inc., they know your four-legged friend is more than just a pet, he or she is part of your family and probably lives both inside and outside of your house. As such, pets should be able to come and go at whatever time without having to bother you to open the door whenever that may be — which, of course, can become a nuisance no matter how much you love your pet.

Therefore, installing a Solar Innovations, Inc. pet door is a popular choice among pet owners. Allowing your friends to come and go as they please will make care easier for you and create independence for your pets. Pet doors are also beneficial for pet owners who work full time during the day and cannot be home to let their animals in or out of the house.

Door size depends on the size of your pet; options are available in all sizes. Visit Solar’s Pet Products webpage for information regarding our pet doors and other pet-related products we offer.