Pinching Back Your Herb Seedlings

Today`s blog will explain how to pinch back your herbs or seedlings. By this point your herbs should be planted in your greenhouse bench, but winter the daylight is much shorter and your plants may begin to stretch or become taller and thin stemmed. Pinching or cutting your plant back helps it branch and become heavier stemmed, allowing it to take in more of the nutrients. Pinching back your seedlings should only be done when the plant has grown its second set of full leaves. When pinching your plant back, pinch it down to the second set of leaves. If you use artificial light, be sure your light helps you acquire at least 11 or 12 hour days of light. This method will keep your plants from stretching or growing too tall. The root system will develop better after pinching, causing a much stronger and vibrant plant. Fertilizer at very low level can be used at this time. Liquid fertilizer is your best option, at low dosages.

Pinching Your Seedling