Planning Seeds for Your Herb Bench

Today`s blog will cover planting herb seeds for your new herb greenhouse bench. First, select 21 herbs that are beneficial to your health. Beneficial herbs can be used for cooking and for tea making. Prepare your seed trays for seeding by filling the trays with a professional grade seed mix. Then, sown the seeds into the tray and gently pressed them into the soil. Most seeds do not need to be covered to germinate and those that do only require a ¼” of soil or less. You can press those seeds into soil a bit firmer. Place the seed trays on a heat mat and use a spray bottle to mist the seeds with warm water (75-80 F) to moisten the soil.

After about 10 minutes spray the the soil to assure it is completely moist. Then, cover the seed trays with saran wrap to prevent the soil from drying out.Place a grow light over the seed trays, because most seeds require light to germinate. We suggest setting the temperature of the heat mat as 74 degrees F, which is an average temperature. When seeding your seeds, plant extra, as most seed germination rates are not 100% and to allow for some margin of error.

Planning Seeds