Project Spotlight: No Post Sliding Glass Doors

Solar Innovations, Inc. designed and manufactured several sliding glass door systems for this private residence in southern Florida.  The project included two multi-track sliding door systems and one 90º no post sliding glass door. All three door systems include grids and SDLs for increased system aesthetics.

While traditional sliding glass doors are installed in the middle of a partition and are surrounded by drywall, the unique no post sliding door system is installed at a corner where two partitions meet. No post sliding glass door units are designed without a structural corner post, which provides a panoramic view when opened. 90º and 135º no post sliding glass doors are Solar’s most popular choices for no post sliding applications, however, Solar Innovations, Inc. has an in-house engineering and design team that can create a system with a corner post at virtually any angle, depending on the specific engineering requirements.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s no post G3 multi-track sliding glass doors achieved a Florida Impact certification in the onsite test lab. The majority of Solar’s products are designed using durable aluminum framework in order to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Standard and custom interior finishes are available to help create a unified aesthetic between Solar’s system and its surrounding environment. These particular units have an exterior finish of Bronze Duracron and include Yellow Pine wood veneer for the interior of the framework, as well as the grids.

For more information on no post sliding glass doors and more of Solar’s custom glass wall systems, please visit the Operable Door and Wall webpage.

Ninety Degree No post sliding door by Solar Innovations, Inc.