Solar Innovations, Inc. Designs Energy Efficient Window System Capable of Reducing Cooling Loads

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial window and door systems has designed a next generation, energy efficient window system capable of reducing cooling loads.

The G2 International Window System was developed to provide customers with superior energy conservation and design flexibily when compared to window systems currently on the market. The new framing system is thermally enhanced by a filled and debridged method, separating the interior and exterior portions of the frame. This enhancement minimizes thermal transfer and increases overall performance. The G2 International Window System was designed to meet most energy efficiency standards by utilizing LowE coated glass to prevent Solar Heat Gain and thermal conductivity, as well as stainless steel spacers which conduct 10 times less heat than standard aluminum spacers. Argon and Krypton glass fills are also available to further enhance the window system’s performance.

Solar’s in-house engineering and R&D teams collaborated to evaluate current products and ensure the G2 International Window System provided superior flexibility and performance. The system was designed and tested with thermal modeling software to predict performance before it was released for prototype production.  Impact testing is currently taking place on the G2 International Window System’s 3′ by 6′ tilt turn, casement, awning, fixed, and hopper windows.  When the testing is complete, the system will be certified with a minimum design pressure of +/- 65 PSF.

By design, the G2 International Window System accommodates a wide array of engineering requirements while maintaining its architectural appeal and minimally interrupted sightlines.  To fulfill the growing demand for large spans of glass with integrated ventilation, numerous window configurations can be incorporated into one unit: tilt turn, casement, French casement, zero siteline, awning, fixed, and hopper windows.  This system was designed with a “mulling feature” which allows all of the windows to be contained within a single frame and maintain consistent sightlines.

Grids, solid panel infill, and the window’s operation are specifically designed and engineered according to the end users needs.  Customers can speak with a design technician or, if needed, one of Solar’s engineering team members to discuss aesthetics, operation, or the selection and placement of windows and doors in the project.  Certain locations on a property may be more suitable for glazed units and allow end users to further benefit from the features of this system.  This system’s thermal properties provide energy savings during the winter months and reduced cooling costs during the summer.

The G2 International Window System has been released for public sale with several systems already installed throughout the United States.  Solar’s design technicians can answer any question you may have regarding this or other product lines; please contact us at 800-618-0669 or [email protected] .