Solar Innovations, Inc. Expands Product Lines

When Solar Innovations, Inc. first began, the Company chose to design their greenhouses, specialty doors, and other structures utilizing a durable aluminum framework. At the time, aluminum was the best option to ensure the products’ sturdiness and longevity. The Company has evolved a great deal since its inception in 1998 and now offers an expansive product line featuring projects that have been installed throughout the world. Solar Innovations, Inc. continues to serve the Company’s loyal customer base by researching, developing, and engineering new products and techniques on a daily basis. In the 2015 calendar year alone, the Company has not only launched a true wood product line, but Solar has also manufactured its first complete glazing package using its vinyl-composite framework.

Vinyl Products by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Solar’s vinyl-composite frame is a sturdy alternative to aluminum. This energy-efficient composite does not conduct heat or cold; therefore, it will not transfer to the interior of a structure. Additionally, the unique makeup of the vinyl-composite has minimal maintenance requirements. The vinyl-composite product line consists of several Solar Innovations, Inc. specialty door and window configurations, including their signature folding glass walls. Additional configuration options can be found on the Vinyl-composite Products page.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s true wood product line is currently in the testing phase of product development. The Company manufactured two prototypes, including a folding glass wall and tilt-turn window configuration, utilizing a scantling, which was created from a three-piece glulam. Solar plans to develop the system and manufacture a complete line of operable doors and windows using the true wood framework. This product offering provides a flexible system for multiple customers and applications that can be painted, stained, sanded, and re-finished multiple times throughout its life. To ensure its longevity, Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends using the true wood system on interior applications to avoid damaging the wood. The Company also offers an aluminum clad option, which is ideal for use on exterior applications, providing a warm, wood interior and a sturdy, weather-resistant exterior. For more information about Solar’s wood product options, please visit the Wood Products section of the webpage.

True Wood or All Wood Products by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Solar developed the vinyl-composite line in 2014, and since then, it has grown at an exponential rate. The Company recently expanded its manufacturing space with a 30,000 sq. ft. addition, specifically to create more production area for this product line. Once the manufacturing facility is fully operational, Solar expects to see similar growth from the true wood line. For additional information about Vinyl, Wood, or any other product lines, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. Sales Representative.