Solar Innovations, Inc. Instructional Videos

Solar Innovations, Inc. designs, engineers, and manufactures some of the most unique and innovative custom glazed products and aluminum-framed accessories on the market today. Often times a text description and a picture cannot fully explain our products’ operation and structural benefits. To avoid any confusion with our products, Solar has created a YouTube channel that currently has 150+ videos that show users our products in action.

Solar’s instructional videos are filmed at various on-site locations at the Solar Innovations, Inc. 36+ acre corporate campus in Pine Grove, PA and include the Company’s showroom, office, manufacturing facility, and sometimes even the surrounding wildlife area. Video topics range from product operation to accessory explanation, as well as cultivation tips straight from Solar’s in-house greenhouse experts. The team also invites users of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products to request specific installation, operation, and maintenance videos if they cannot find an existing video addressing their specific needs.

Visit the Solar Innovations, Inc. YouTube channel to view Solar’s complete video gallery. For video requests of topics not currently on the Solar Innovations, Inc. YouTube channel, please contact the Solar Innovations, Inc. Marketing Department by e-mailing:  [email protected]. Customers may also contact Solar to schedule a tour of the Company’s LEED Gold facility in Pine Grove, PA, where they can speak with Solar’s knowledgeable product designers and see and operate the complete product line in person.