Solar Innovations, Inc. Releases Second Generation 90° Operable Skylight Test Results

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently completed the testing of its second generation 90° operable skylight. The skylight underwent air, water, structural, impact, and cycle tests. The test specimen adhered to state hurricane codes, such as Florida impact testing under the 2014 Building Code. The tests were completed at Solar Innovations, Inc.’s in-house test lab, received a Florida Approval Product Number FL#17581.1 and can be found on the website. Final test reports were certified by a nationally recognized third party. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers Florida certified folding glass doors, sliding glass doors, terrace doors, and a variety of windows with different operations.

The tested skylight consisted of two horizontal divisions separated by a vertical muntin, each glazed with a single piece of glass. With this approval, Solar can manufacture impact 90° operable skylights that measure 120″ wide by 72″ high.

G2 90° Aluminum 2-Lite Operable Skylight Testing Results:
Air Infiltration at 1.6PSF =  <0.05 L/s/m²
Air Infiltration at 6.24PSF =  <0.05 L/s/m²
Water Penetration: 15 PSF
Design Pressure: +/- 40PSF
Uniform Load Structural Test: +/- 80PSF
Wind zone: Wind zone 4 – greater than 140mph.

90° operable skylights lift a glazed unit, or “lid” straight up vertically depending on the application. These operable skylights open 85-90 degrees based on final dimensions and engineering. When fully open, the skylight provides optimal amounts of ventilation in the space below. Solar Innovations, Inc. custom builds every 90°operable skylight to meet customer specific size requirements.

Aside from Florida approved skylights, Solar Innovations, Inc. has the ability to provide completely customizable skylights for any application, design requirement, or aesthetic need. If you would like more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s 90° operable skylight system or are interested in receiving an updated Skylight Systems brochure, please contact the marketing department at [email protected] or call 800-618-0669.