Solar Innovations, Inc. Showroom Update 5: SI2253 & SI2254 Single and Double Dutch Doors

We recently installed Dutch doors in the second floor showroom at our LEED Gold Certified Manufacturing Facility in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.  The SI2254 Double Dutch doors, also known as “barn doors”, can be used in a variety of applications.  Well designed for locations which require the ability to block entering and exiting of a room, these 10 feet tall showroom doors are ideal for childcare centers, barn locations, or animal hospitals. This system displays Solar’s two-tone finish with White Duracron on one side, and Dark Bronze Anodized on the other.  Each panel can operate independently or in unison.  Solar’s showroom sample features all glass panels, but other infill options are available including glass and base panels or only base panels.  Just like with any of the SI door products, Customers can mix and match their vertical and horizontal framing members to create the perfect design aesthetic.