Solar Innovations, Inc. Tips for Planning the Perfect Greenhouse Location

Building a greenhouse is a large commitment, and as such, you want to make sure you not only choose the right size, configuration, framing, and glass, but you will also want to make sure it is built in the best possible location. Consider the following aspects when planning your greenhouse:

Proper sun exposure is one of the quintessential elements of a thriving greenhouse because the plants will not grow without the help of the sun. For a lean-to configuration, the longest side of the greenhouse should face the South at a 20 degree angle to achieve the highest amount of sun absorption. This is because sunlight penetrates the structure most intensely when the rays are perpendicular to the glazing.

Lean-to greenhouses should face due south whenever possible, as this position will provide ideal light, as well as passive heat benefits. Western exposure will provide enough light, but may be difficult to cool on hot summer days, and a north facing greenhouse will not provide enough sunlight for many types of plants. Freestanding greenhouses receive light from all sides, so their orientation is not as critical.

Using tempered or laminated glass will reduce the risk of breaking or leaking as the result of impact; however it is still a good idea to have your greenhouse installed far enough from trees, poles, or other similar objects. One will also want to make sure there are no large buildings between your greenhouse and the sun, as this will cast a shadow and prevent your plants from growing.

Plants need to be tended year round, and it still needs to be accessible in the extreme heat, pouring rain, and nasty snowstorms.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s goal is to bring customers’ dreams to reality with the most innovative designs, and it is not stopping there. Solar can help you assess your property, location, and climate and determine the perfect postion for your greenhouse. That way, you will be able to enjoy your structure for years to come.