Solar Innovations, Inc. Welcomes Firepit Season

The Solar Innovations, Inc. team works hard on a daily basis. Solar provides the team with some time for fun activities and team bonding. In summer months, we roast marshmallows and enjoy each others’ company around this custom-made Solar Innovations, Inc. fire pit. Both the fire circle and the fire pit cover were designed and manufactured in-house. Several of Solar’s departments came together to make this unique project happen.

Our researchers, developers, designers, machinists, and fabricators all played a part in the creation of this unique fire pit. The fire circle itself is comprised of two separate sheets of metal. Utilizing specialized software and a flow water jet, the design and Company name was cut into the metal. The pieces were bent to form half a circle and then put together to form one unified circle. A hinge system was developed for the cover of the fire circle in order to increase its versatility. Instead of being one solid piece of metal, users now have the option to open ¼ or ½ of the pit instead of removing the entire cover.

The Solar Innovations, Inc. team is comprised of multi-talented individuals in both the shop and the office who help the Company make the impossible possible. If you’re interested in becoming part of the Solar team, visit the Careers section of the webpage for information regarding current open positions.

Solar Innovations, Inc. custom firepit