Planting Seeds With Solar Innovations®

PINE GROVE, PA – As the outdoor growing season fast approaches here in Pine Grove, PA, members of our team have begun planting seeds in one of our on-campus greenhouses. After these seeds sprout and develop a strong root system, they will be transplanted to the home gardens of our team members and around the Solar Innovations campus.

Organic seeds from Fruition Seeds and Sustainable Seed Company have been planted in 216 individual starter cells. Some of the vegetables that were started this year include yellow and red onion, hybrid and paste tomatoes, bell and Italian peppers, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

To avoid damaging the seedlings with too powerful of a spray, we are utilizing a Dramm misting irrigation system that gently moistens the plant and soil. Thorough watering and keeping the indoor temperature a consistent 65-72 degrees, give the newly planted seeds the ideal environment to thrive.

As these vegetables and other plants in our greenhouse grow, we will chronicle their progress in our news feed.

Growing our own organic produce is just one of many ways we continuously strive to work green and live green, all while never losing sight of our mission to provide the highest quality and most advanced architectural glazing products in the industry. For more information on greenhouses, greenhouse accessories, or any other Solar Innovations® products, please contact Solar Innovations® directly at [email protected] or call 800 618 0669.