Growing Seeds With Solar Innovations®

PINE GROVE, PA – On March 15, 2021, members of the Solar Innovations® team planted 12 varieties of seeds from Fruition Seeds and Sustainable Seed Company in preparation for Pennsylvania’s three to five month growing season.

Since planting, the growth of these plants has been fantastic. As of March 29, at least one cell in every variety has germinated, with some varieties showing full germination of each seedling. Both brands of seeds are performing as expected, with actual germination times comparing very close to the expectations on the packaging.

The key to this early success has been consistent watering and temperature regulation. Using our Dramm misting system, our team was able to provide a consistent level of moisture to all of the cells in our seed starter trays. Every day, the trays are watered evenly for four minutes. Positioning these trays on our greenhouse benches allows for proper drainage and adequate daylight on the south-facing wall of the structure.

Recent pleasant weather in Pennsylvania has allowed us to open our operable ridge and eave vents for greater fresh air exchange. This ideal growing environment has made a massive difference in the initial growth of these plants.

Within the next three to four weeks, the established seedlings will be transplanted into larger vessels. This will allow them to build a wider root system and to be spaced out properly for uninhibited growth.

The weather outlook for our area appears to be on track for late April to early May outdoor planting. This will provide enough time to properly cultivate these seedlings to be hardy in an outdoor environment.

We will continue to provide updates as the growth in our greenhouse continues.

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