Transplanting Your Herb Plugs

Today`s topic concerns transplanting your herb plugs into your greenhouse  bench. First water your plugs in the plug tray with warm water (70-75 Degrees F). Then extract the plugs from the tray and plant several of them into the growing soil that has already been prepared in the benches. Plant extra plugs just in you lose 1 or 2 plants as they start growing. You later have to separate or remove a few plants later if they become over crowded in the bench.

After planting the plugs, firmly press down on the soil around them. This helps close any air gaps that may have developed around the root system, then follow up by watering them again with the warm water to further pack soil and ensure a better start to your plugs. Do not use fungicides if your soil mix already has them in it. Take care to plant some vigorous growing herbs in terracotta pots, bury them inside the soil mix to help contain their root systems from spreading into neighboring herb blocks. Next, pinch the tops of your plugs to promote better plant bushing. Only pinch those that have their true 2nd set of leaves, this will make for a more branched plant as it continue to grow.

Herb Plugs