Utilizing a Greenhouse As a Rehabilitation Facility

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses are the perfect structure to house a rehabilitation facility for patients of all backgrounds. The increased air quality, along with the high levels of sunlight, will provide patients with a healthy recovery in addition to future health benefits.

The large amount of sunlight in a greenhouse rehabilitation center will supply patients with ample vitamin D. Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin and promotes healthy bone growth and repair, among various other benefits. Sunlight has also been proven to improve brain function, ease depression, and increase overall sleep activity, all of which will help prevent future ailments. Glazing technologies, such as LoE coatings and dynamic glass should be incorporated into the structure’s design to reduce solar heat gain and ensure the rehabilitation process is as comfortable as possible in the greenhouse rehabilitation facility. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s knowledgeable sales designers can help determine the best glazing options to incorporate in the greenhouse when designing a rehabilitation facility.

Greenhouses are known for their excellent air quality, which is created by the amount of plants on the interior of the structure. Fresh air improves lung health and strengthens immunity. This feature is most important to patients who live in cities, where they are exposed to poor air quality and high pollution levels. In order to achieve adequate air circulation, windows and vents should be incorporated to increase overall air quality for both patients and plants. Solar Innovations, Inc. provides multiple vent and fan options for any glass structure to meet the exact needs of the application.  Plants and flowers will also provide a calming environment for recovering patients. Incorporating a koi pond and other water features may further increase the rehabilitation facility’s soothing qualities.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses are ideal for rehabilitation centers of all kinds. Visit the Greenhouses webpage for more information on popular greenhouse uses and greenhouse customization options.

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