Utilizing an Interior Partition as Flexible Office Space

Interior partitions by Solar Innovations, Inc. are the perfect room divider for any space. Interior partitions are designed in folding, sliding, and stacking configurations, and their minimal framework allows for reduced sightlines and maximum flexibility. Functionality of interior partitions can be increased by designing them using unique materials commonly found in the office. . Since they are manufactured almost entirely of glass, Solar’s interior partition walls can flawlessly double as a white board. White boards are extremely useful in schools, offices, restaurants, and even in the home. For those looking for a more traditional approach, actual white boards, chalk boards, and cork boards can be incorporated into Solar’s panels to create a useful tool for making announcements and presentations.

Decorative glazing options can be incorporated into glass interior partitions used as a white board for additional privacy and to reduce distractions. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers patterned glass, such as acid etching, that will create a frosted surface and minimize its transparency. Patterned glass will leave the surface smooth and will not inhibit a user’s ability to write. When privacy is not required at all times, blinds can be added to the airspace between the panels of an insulated glazing unit. In this type of system, the blinds can tilt and be raised up and down, just like regular blinds, to create temporary privacy with the option of a completely transparent interior partition.

Designing an interior glass partition as a presentation wall is simple with the right design team.   For more information on Solar’s interior partition options, please visit the Solar Innovations, Inc’s Operable Doors and Walls website section.

Solar Innovations, Inc. interior dividing walls