Utilizing Rooting Hormones In Your Greenhouse

Today our blog centers around the use of “rooting hormones” or indole-3-butyric acid. With the indoor growing season at hand,  you have a better chance of getting plant cuttings to thrive by using a rooting hormone. The hormone can be used for soft cuttings, hard stems, or even when grafting of 2 plants. Begin by taking a cutting from a healthy plant (2 inches or longer).Then moisten the cutting before dipping it into the rooting hormone. Next, insert the cutting into a quality potting soil or rooting plug and press on the soil, this will remove any air pockets.

Once you have prepared your cuttings, place them on a heat mat that has been set 60 degree. Try to keep the soil moist but not wet. If your soil is to moist it will cause rotting and your cutting will be lost. Remember that the heat under your cutting will cause your soil to dry out faster so you may have to water more frequently. Rooting hormones can also be used on bulb or corms and extra precautions should be taken when doing so. The best way to use a rooting hormone on a bulb or corm is to either place the bulb in a bag or container that has a lid and shake the bag or container to allow the hormone to provide the bulb with a light covering. We recommend studying the label on your  rooting hormone before using it, as various manufactures have different recommendations. As with any  chemical, always use rubber gloves and eye protection.