Case Study: A Pivotal Solution

A Massive Door Opens and Closes with Ease


Drastic Changes to the Climate 

Between the piling snow and frigid temperatures, Pennsylvania homeowners are sure to keep the doors and windows shut tight throughout the wintry months. However, that all changes once Spring has sprung. As the sunshine shows its face, doors and windows begin to crack. The owners of this PA residence contacted Solar Innovations with that warmer weather on the brain, looking for the perfect way to enjoy the outside and their lovely backyard from the comfort of their sunroom.


Protection from the Elements During Fall and Winter, Ventilation During Spring and Summer

Our clients were in need of a custom-built entryway that would stand out from the rest and fulfill their particular needs. Taking these goals into account, Solar came through with a solution that would provide the homeowners an enhanced living experiencing, while blurring the lines between interior and exterior.

The G2 out-swing pivot door system is an excellent solution for those looking to open up their home in a non-traditional way. Measuring in at approximately 6 feet 6 inches tall by 5 feet wide, this single panel G2 unit is an impressive fixture and offers users a generous 3-foot-6-inch gap when fully opened, granting perfect ease of passage to objects and individuals, as well as a steady air-flow when desired. This particular unit was completed without limiters or closers, allowing it to open beyond a typical 90-degree operational radius.

The door is also thermally broken and utilizes and LoE 272 insulated glass. As a result, these features help to limit outside noise and retain a comfortable atmosphere when the door is closed.