Case Study: Laps in Luxury

Glass Structure Serves as Both a Lap Swimming and Entertainment Area


Comfort in a Limited Space

In 2014, clients from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania reached out to Solar Innovations to inquire about building a structure surrounding their endless lap pool. There were a few obstacles that had to be considered during the planning and installation process. One being that the clients wanted the ability to utilize their pool during all four seasons and in any weather condition, including the hottest summer days. Also, the structure had to ventilate the humidity that is persistent with pool enclosures. Lastly, there was limited space in the backyard area allotted for the structure, that would also serve as an entertaining space that connects directly to the home.

Fowler Residence Case Study
Fowler Residence Pool Enclosure Interior


Plenty of Ventilation and Shade

Fortunately, the Solar Innovations Design Team was able to create a custom design that met all of the clients’ criteria. To allow the interior heat and humidity to escape the structure, insulated eave vents, both in the main structure and cupola, were incorporated into the design. To automate the venting system, digital thermostats were added to help regulate the interior temperature. To keep intense sunlight from overheating the pool enclosure, LoE 272 insulated glass and a retractable shade system was used to not only keep the pool area comfortable year-round, but also give the clients a degree of privacy. A set of French doors and two terrace doors, each with its own screen door, allowed for easy access to different areas of the backyard, while providing even more fresh air to enter the space. Solar Innovations did not shy away from aesthetics when designing this multi-purpose structure. Adding details such as a cupola, Fleur De Lis ridge cresting, decorative grids along the eave and cupola and intermixing classical white decorative gutters along the eave line of the structure gave this pool enclosure a timeless look.


Fully Functional with Timeless Appeal

The result was a very impressively built structure that ties into the existing house very well with the matching brick foundation and white accents. Not only were the clients able to utilize the structure’s interior as a pool enclosure, but also the entertaining space comfortably housed guests while keeping them out of the elements.

Fowler Pool Enclosure ISO
LOCATION Bethlehem, PA
TYPE OF SYSTEM SI5205 Pool Enclosure
FINISH AAMA 2605 Custom Classical White
HARDWARE Hoppe Toronto Handles in Oil Rubbed Brass
GLAZING 1” LoE 272 Insulated Glass