Case Study: Out of the Park Partitions

Clear Glass Walls Perfect for Inclement Weather


Keeping Indoor and Outdoor Ticketholders Happy

When designing a stadium suite at the Great American Ballpark, home of the Cincinnati Reds, a client approached Solar Innovations® for a custom clear glass wall. The glass wall would be located on a higher level and was designed as a high-class bar and lounge area for executives, giving an exclusive view of the ball field. With limited space on the exterior, the client wanted doors that did not block fans views but that could also open up to the stadium.


Uninterrupted Views 

In order to combat the limited space on the exterior side of the doors, Solar Innovations® designed a multi-track sliding clear glass wall for the suite. Since the clear glass walls would also be separating the interior space from the outdoor seating, the doors were designed to be closed to keep fans warm or to lock up at night.

With two panels sliding to the left and two panels sliding to the right, the space was able to open up and give the clearest views possible.