What to Feed Your Chickens this Winter?

Feeding chickens, the proper diet during the winter months organically is hard to do at times. However, a vegetable used in the 1800’s, called Mangel, is gaining traction with today’s organic growers. This beet resembles a large white turnip with reddish green vegetation.

Throughout the 1800`s grains were too expensive for people to purchase for animal feed. So growing these Mangels was a great alternative for them to keep their chickens alive and productive. It is so popular today because it can be stored in a ground cellar over the winter months and used as needed. It is also very cheap to grow and contains high amounts of nutrition which the chickens require to continue laying eggs.

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Not only is it inexpensive but great for soil because as it grows it burrows down into the soil keeping the soil loose and aerated. As the winter months approach and you’re looking on keeping chicken moral up, try this organic alternative to grain!

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