Greenhouse Tips & Tricks: Handling Pests

In today’s world, organic or all natural is what has become the norm. However, finding all natural products for controlling insects has been difficult. Being a green company means we too are committed to using an organic product to help with our pest problem.

After a lot of research, we found the Sierra Natural Science Company, an all-natural pesticide provider, to be the solution to our problem. After testing their product SNS 209 and following the instructions, we have found a product that is not only beneficial to killing and controlling a variety of insects but is also environmentally safe. We highly recommend following the product instructions to get the best results for achieving healthy plants.

SNS 209 can be used as a spray on the foliage, a drench on the soil, or a combination of both. It takes multiple applications for the plant to absorb it into the it’s cells but once it is absorbed it will last up to 21 days before needing to be reapplied. This natural product uses rosemary extract as its main ingredient, and as the plant takes in the small amount of rosemaric acid it distributes it throughout the plant’s cells. When the insects start eating or sucking on the plant’s tissue, the acid then is consumed and disliked by the insect, causing them to stop feeding and die.

Thanks to its high efficiency SNS 209 will be our go-to product to handle all those nasty insects and fungi in our greenhouse. Not sure which pests your plants are infected with? Read here to for more information on the pests destroying your plants.