Inside Solar: Wood Terrace Door

At Solar Innovations®, we’re always excited when we get the chance to install a product in our own corporate office.

wood terrace doorToday we welcomed a wood terrace door to our second floor showroom and office space. The White Oak door features a dark bronze anodized aluminum cladding exterior for exceptional thermal and weather performance in any climate. Wood is a popular choice in both residential and commercial applications, as it lends a warm, inviting atmosphere to any space. It is also an extremely versatile material; depending on the design, wood can be used to create a traditional feel, like an English wood conservatory, or a contemporary look, like a streamlined wood curtain wall. Wood is available on our operable walls, doors and windows, skylights, and structures.

Keep an eye out for more Inside Solar updates to stay updated on any additions to our space!


Interior of the White Oak terrace door