Inside Solar: Wood Veneer Vinyl-Composite Folding Glass Wall

wood veneer vinyl-composite folding glass wallOur team was recently able to install a new unit in our upstairs showroom and office space. We are pleased to introduce our vinyl-composite folding glass wall with real wood veneer interior and black painted exterior.wood veneer vinyl-composite folding glass wall

Vinyl-Composite windows and doors offer ease of operation and a low maintenance, durable frame. As an effective insulator, vinyl-composite systems achieve excellent thermal performance, making them an energy efficient product that can help reduce utility bills in a home or business. Vinyl-composite systems are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. While the popularity of vinyl-composite systems stems from European tilt-turn windows, vinyl-composite is quickly becoming a popular option in the United States. We are proud to offer durable, American manufactured vinyl-composite systems including folding glass walls, sliding glass walls, lift slide doors, swing doors, and a variety of operable windows.

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