Solar Innovations® Launches Interactive Greenhouse Design Tool

PINE GROVE, PA – Greenhouses are the most customizable structures offered by Solar Innovations®. To guide customers through the many decisions that go into designing the greenhouse of their dreams, Solar Innovations® has released their Greenhouse Builder, an interactive tool created to take the guess work out of planning a greenhouse. From start to finish, customers will be able to learn more about:

  1. Designing for their unique climate.
  2. Optimizing the placement on their property.
  3. Structural considerations.
  4. Door, window, and ventilation offerings.
  5. Decorative touches that will make their greenhouse stand out.
  6. Greenhouse accessories.
  7. Proper maintenance.

In addition, a handy interactive checklist is provided so that customers will be prepared when reviewing details with a sales designer. For the optimal experience, we recommend using a desktop computer to view the Greenhouse Builder at

This Greenhouse Builder is the first of a series of comprehensive tools being released by Solar Innovations® to help consumers learn as they design Solar Innovations® products into their next project. For more information on the Greenhouse Builder, or any other Solar Innovations® product, please contact Solar Innovations® directly at [email protected] or call 800 618 0669.