Project Spotlight: 15-10-011 Private Residence

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems’ install team recently completed work on a SI5204 aluminum straight-eave double-pitch greenhouse with two gable ends at a private residence in New York. The greenhouse is fitted with one SI2250 out-swing terrace door with Toronto hardware and a 3-point locking system. In order to let in the correct amount of light to achieve a comfortable environment for both plants and residents, the project uses 1” LoE 272 insulated tempered glazing. The hardware is finished in Satin Nickel, while the framing is finished in AAMA 2603 SI Standard Bronze. Four ridge vents and two eave vents, all motor-operable, are included for ideal ventilation and air circulation.

In addition to the structure, Solar Innovations® also provided a complete line of greenhouse accessories, including interior pleated motor-operated roof shades, a decorative aluminum extruded gutter, two round aluminum downspouts with cast aluminum elbow assemblies, decorative aluminum ridge cresting, two decorative double ball & spire finials, and climate control systems. The two CRM4 control panels installed inside the greenhouse contain a thermostat, rain sensor, and keypad to control eave and ridge vents. The project also includes two VS12 12″ circulating fans with two H115 manual speed controllers to operate the fans.

This straight-eave double-pitch greenhouse with decorative and functional accessories offers an unmatched environment for growing plants, and allows the homeowner to start growing immediately without having to coordinate greenhouse accessories from outside sources into the existing structure. Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems can engineer and build greenhouses in any size, shape, and configuration for various applications, including hobby, commercial, research, educational, institutional, and specialty greenhouses.