Solar Innovations® Recertified for LEED Gold Rating

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems, a custom manufacturer of sliding, folding, and stacking glass walls, doors, windows, and screens; sunrooms; greenhouses; skylights; and curtain walls; became recertified for LEED Gold Rating on corporate office and manufacturing facility.

PINE GROVE, PA – Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems achieved recertification for LEED Gold rating on Building 1, which houses the company’s corporate office and manufacturing facility.

Solar Innovations® officially accepted LEED Gold status recertification on September 16, 2016. The corporate office and manufacturing facility, originally awarded LEED Gold status on February 23, 2011, is a 200,000 sq. ft. facility located in the Pine Grove Industrial Park. It was granted 60 LEED points in its recertification evaluation.

The LEED Existing Buildings Certification program is based on company facility and occupant energy efficiency, sustainable choices, waste stream, and many other categories. It highlights chemical usage, recycling, composting, material usage, emissions data, and many more green avenues. The LEED team compiled the required data and implemented required programs to further Solar Innovations®’ green efforts as well as to provide quantifiable documentation for Green Building Certification Institute.

Solar Innovations® has future plans for the building, which will allow it to achieve Platinum certification by providing 40% of the company energy usage through the use of the solar photovoltaic system. The corporate office and manufacturing facility houses 2,198 solar panels on its roof, providing over 650,000 KW of solar energy and allowing Solar Innovations® to be approximately 85% off the grid. A solar thermal system is also installed on the building, providing domestic hot water to the office building and onsite greenhouse.

Solar Innovations® employs several LEED credentialed professionals to assist you in your LEED project, as well as products which can aid companies in achieving their LEED goals.

Solar Innovations® is a single source provider of custom glazed structures, skylights, windows, and doors. Their extensive product line ranges from greenhouse to sunrooms, to folding glass walls. To learn more about Solar Innovations®, its products, LEED certification, or to request a brochure, visit, contact [email protected] or call 800-618-0669.