Solar Launches New Meeting Series

Solar recently launched “Solar Talks,” a series of meetings that were designed to better inform team members and get their input on the future of Solar Innovations®. Solar Talks have replaced the quarterly meetings that included the entire Solar team in one large group. This process changed due to the increasing size of the Solar team. For these meetings the team is split into four groups. The smaller group sizes allow for more open communication between team members.

The groups meet every other Wednesday morning on a rotating schedule and are lead by Company President Greg Header along with Travis to keep the meetings flowing and to help point out key take a ways from the different updates given throughout the 45 minute long meeting.

During the meetings team members are briefed on a wide variety of topics. Topics include the launch of a new website, software updates, team trainings, trade show information, and updates on the relocations of several departments.

Updates on new patents and sales numbers follow the general briefing. Then the team takes time to welcome new team members to Solar and celebrate the upcoming “Solarversaries,” the work anniversaries of our team members.

While communicating important information is a large part of Solar Talks they are also a chance to update team members about recent events like the company picnic at Knoebels and the recent pet supply drive that was a part of the Solar Cares initiative.

Talks conclude with the “Help us Help You” section that allows team members to express any needs or concerns and ask any questions they may have. These concerns are then addressed any discussed to see what action can be taken to solve the issue.

This new meeting process allows us to better communicate as a team and work towards our goals of being the best place to work and the best at what we do.