Teachers From Minersville High School Tour Solar Innovations®

On Thursday August 25th, Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems hosted a group of teachers from Minersville High School. Before touring the 36+ acre LEED Gold Certified corporate campus, Solar’s CEO Greg Header gave a brief presentation on the history of Solar, the importance of teaching students workplace skills, and current career opportunities at Solar Innovations®.

During the tour, the group was able to learn and experience Solar’s manufacturing process and unique in-house capabilities, such as thermal break technology, metal bending, and product testing.

Solar Innovations® hosts various tours for student programs and related organizations with the surrounding area, including the YES program. Solar also invites customers, glaziers, and contractors to visit the facility in person to better understand their operation, get hands on experience with Solar’s products, and determine which product or structure best suits their needs.

Solar Innovations® welcomes all visitors and tour groups to their facility; however, the Company recommends scheduling all tours in advance in order to properly plan for their arrival. Customers and contractors interested in visiting the Solar Innovations® campus may contact their Sales Representative to schedule a tour. For student groups and organizations within the community, please fill out the contact form on the website or contact the Marketing Department to determine the best time to visit the campus.