Glass Structures Consulting Services

Solar Innovations® is proud to have Greenhouse and Conservatory Design Experts as part of our in house team. These experts can be used as consultants to provide customers with their ideal structure. Please follow the links below to view our Greenhouse Consulting Services and our Conservatory Consulting Services.



Purchasing a greenhouse can easily become a large investment. Our greenhouse experts will work with you to create a plan for your project and educate you about the greenhouse, its function, and available accessories. By working with our consultant, you can be confident that the greenhouse designed for your site is the correct choice. The consultation begins with a questionnaire regarding the intended use of the greenhouse, plants to be grown, budget, and structure location. This survey provides your consultant with a starting point for making the appropriate greenhouse selections. The planning consultation will address virtually every topic of greenhouse growing from aspects like location and glass type to the use of the greenhouse and plant selections.

When considering a conservatory for your home or business, there are many selections which must be made that can make the process seem overwhelming. Your conservatory consultant can act as a guide to assure your project is completed in a timely manner. Selecting the configuration of your structure is often the most daunting task. Our consultants will walk you through the process of selecting a configuration that can act as a focal point or blend seamlessly into existing architecture. Our goal in this process is to help you understand conservatory design and assist you in making practical, informed decisions the first time. Solar’s designers can help with projects ranging from residential to commercial to institutional.

How It Works

  • Call Solar Innovations® at 800-618-0669
  • Discuss your project with our Sales Department
  • A consultant will be assigned to you based on your needs
  • Preliminary drawings are provided
  • Consultant performs a site visit
  • Estimating Department provides a quote
  • A Project Manager is assigned to your project once it sells
  • The Engineering Department engineers your project
  • Your project is drafted
  • Project moves to our Cutlist Department
  • The project is fabricated to meet your specifications

Benefits of Using a Consultant

  • Your consultant will assist in designing your structure’s shape, size, and configuration
  • Your consultant will help determine where the structure should be located on your property
  • Your consultant will help you determine which glazing options will work best for your situation
  • Your consultant will help determine your ideal interior layout by discussing the structure’s intended use
  • You can gain valuable knowledge about your structure and its construction process from your consultant
  • You can your consultant’s knowledge so that the design and construction of your structure is correct the first time.