Case Study: Sustainable Growth

Structure that Exceeded the Client’s Expectation


Year-Round Food Growing

Homeowners came to Solar Innovations® with a mission, to be able to grow on their own all year round. Luckily, they had the land to expand. All they needed was a greenhouse. Knowing Solar’s industry reputation, their journey started here and, eventually, lead to their planting and growing dreams coming to life.


Greenhouse of Their Dreams

Knowing their wants and needs, the customer’s decided a larger scale greenhouse was the way to go. Picking colors and other design specific requirements was a breeze, especially when the owners wish list was completely exceeded by our team. The owners picked Solar Innovations® standard black frame finish, added operable ridge and eave vents and large greenhouse benches to make this greenhouse fully functional. This straight eave double pitch greenhouse is made from aluminum, glazed with LoE 272 tempered glass, and accented with a stone wall around the exterior border to compliment the client’s choice of décor that was already present in their side garden. This greenhouse serves its purpose on a residential plot conveniently located a few steps from home.


Exceeded Expectations Combined with Usability

After the large straight eave double pitch greenhouse was constructed, it left the owners awe-struck and excited to be able to grow their fruits and vegetables. Additional accessories selected during the design process allowed the homeowners to stay at ease with the eco-friendly and technologically advanced extras. Thanks to the advanced thermostat that controls the ridge and eave vents, the greenhouse can be cooled down or heated up with ease to allow for year round operation.