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Case Study: A Cut Above — Utilizing Wood Laminate Interior to Enhance Custom Skylight Design

wood laminate interior to enhance custom skylight
January 12, 2017

Challenge While constructing their expansive residence, New Jersey homeowners approached Solar Innovations® with a request for a skylight that would offer both attractive wood finishing and superior thermal performance. The skylight would reside atop a conical roof that housed a grand spiral staircase. The skylight’s design would add a modern aesthetic to the traditional forms […] Read More

Case Study: Achieving Victorian Style in a Modern Greenhouse

Victorian style in a modern greenhouse
December 20, 2016

Challenge While looking to add a greenhouse to their property, a client from Connecticut approached Solar Innovations®. The client wanted a large structure that would act as an addition to their existing outdoor garden and assist in the propagation of seedlings. Plant propagation, which is the process of growing plants from seeds, cuttings, bulbs, and […] Read More

Case Study: Achieving Performance and Durability in a Wood Interior Skylight

Performance and Durability in a Wood Interior Skylight
December 8, 2016

Challenge While renovating a West Virginia residence, a client requested a straight eave, double pitch skylight with a unique requirement—the project required the skylight to look as if it were constructed entirely of wood in order to match the existing wood interior construction. The client considered faux wood or wood veneering inappropriate for this project, […] Read More